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Al13 M, LookMaQuickQuickBeforeItDries Look Ma, 2019, 14½” x  21′ approx., acrylic  on aluminium.


C L O S E U P, Al13 MM, 2019, IV x composite, 12’ x 10’ approx, acrylic on aluminium.


ADRESTUS, Al13 MM, 2018, VI x composite, 11’ x 15’ approx, acrylic on aluminium.

A 20190208-Golden-Thread-Ciaran-Lennon-025-DMF-CRP-1024x1439px

ZEP-TEPI, Al13 MM, 2018, V x composite, 14′ x 11½’ approx., acrylic on aluminium.

Corner-Relief _221207_124143-v2 (1024x1361px)

CornerRelief / AdHoc-Autochtone 11.11.22., drawing / unfolding aluminium, plane 6″7″ x 3’4″ aluminium, dust and acrylic binder.

CornerRelief Autochthone III _230314_143545-v1-1024x1533px

CornerRelief / Autochtone III 11.3.23., (by hand sandpapering the surface of the aluminium, the pigment appears as a residue and a binder is added to make an autochthonous paint); plane 6″7″ x 3’4″ aluminium, dust and acrylic binder.